Body and Soul – »hot« Brazilian emotion and »cold« European techniques are the two poles of Lina do Carmo‘s dance theatre. »Rarely a performer unifies so many contrasts in herself, a fascinating woman«, said the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung from Germany.

After studying mime in Paris with Marcel Marceau Lina do Carmo has developed her very own style of »Tanztheater«, a fascinating crossover of mime and dance. She combines distinctive techniques of bodily expression with the Latin-American emotions of her Brazilian roots, thus she creates a unique movement language. Tragically-mystic and funny elements form a way of expression that does not leave out eroticism and extasy either.

Having established her career in Brazil as performer, choreographer and producer for theatre and television, she found a new field of work in Europe, especially Germany, where she produced the five following solo shows:
»Body Images«
»Victoria Regia – A Fiction from Amazonas«
»Voodoo do Plastik«
as well as »Aruanãzug«, a production for a company of eight dancers, and »Flamme des Augenblicks (Flame of the Moment)«, a duo.

Her shows have been performed successfully in festivals and theatres all over Germany as well as in Austria, Italy, France, Poland, Lichtenstein and of course Brazil. »Victoria Regia« was recorded for TV and was presented at videofestivals in Hungary, Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Since 2003 Lina do Carmo is artistic director of the Interartes Festival in Serra da Capivara in Northeastern Brazil.

More English and Portuguese information about her activities can be found on her homepage