Viajante da Luz

Since long, the artistic work of Lina do Carmo has been focused on the interface between metaphysics and choreography of dance, as represented in her latest solo production »VIAJANTE DA LUZ« (»Voyage into the Light«).

VIAJANTE DA LUZ has its starting point in the “Dreamspell”, a cosmological time form of the Maya's Calendar. In terms of a contemporary scientific vision, it explains the consonance of the power of moving and harmonic life, between earth and galactic consciousness, as being the next stage of our evolution. „Time is Art“.

Lina do Carmo embodies the traveler through this mysterious world. The journey leads the traveler by and into the light – in the end, she even becomes the light. The body turns into the planetary body, which connects its internal nature with that of the universe.

VIAJANTE DA LUZ explores a possible trail by turning to cultural identity – at the origin of which a being of universal and timeless truth is to be found.

Written and conceived by Lina do Carmo, Eleonora Paiva • Choreography and dance: Lina do Carmo • Direction: Eleonora Paiva • Visual Concept (space): Dennis Thies • Costume: Çiçek Schuch • Sound design: Luiz Melo • Light design: Burkhard Jüterbock • Press and Production’s organization: Klara Weber • Production: Compagnie Lina do Carmo