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When you were a kid and it started to snow, did your mum and dad let you in?
Did you wake up one morning to discover you'd turned into a teenager?
Do you really believe that little plastic whistle on the airplane life jacket will save your life?
Are you getting older? Did you crick your neck the last time you used the electric toothbrush? Are you harvesting your hair each time you comb it?
Have you ever bought a meditation cassette with the title' The sound of the sea” only to discover that on side one the tide is out?
Have you ever been trapped in a closed sunbed?
Are you so old that you check the obituaries to see if it's worth getting up to make breakfast.
Did you know there is one thing worse than death? Gardening.
Have you ever tried to go to the toilet on a train travelling at full speed?
Were you ever in a restaurant that advertised 'Breakfast at any time' and ordered scrambled eggs from the 14th century?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions then:
Welcome to the world of Mark Britton!
A crash course in the hilarity of life's little disasters. As he sings at the end of each performance: 'Always look on the bright side of life'.

Mark's four full length comedy shows 'Comedy Solo' (1995), 'Apatschen à Go-Go' (1998), 'Welcome to Britton' (2001), 'Wildlife' (2006), 'Zuhause bei Britton' (2009), 'Ohne Sex geht's auch (nicht)!' (2011) have made him Germany's 'comedy Import No 1'!

His combination of stand-up patter, slapstick, pantomime and unbelievable story telling has developed into a 'new comedy style', a 'One-Man-Comedy-Theatre'.
It is not just the sheer speed of Mark's physical and verbal delivery, his visual and vocal mimicry, or the fact that he works on an empty stage with no props, but his direct way of improvising with an audience creating an intensity that spirals into complete hilarity.

Trained as both an actor and a clown, Mark always brings an intelligence and a 'touching quality' to his work. As the Morgenpost, Berlin pointed out, 'at the end of the two hour the tears in the public were not just tears of laughter?'

As well as writing all his own material Mark writes for theatre, television and radio, including a 30 part series for WDR Funkhaus Europa.
His shows have been filmed for German television.

Mark works in both English and German and sometimes in both at the same time! This, together with his improvisation skills, has made him a popular MC, with a three month residency at the Berlin Wintergarten as well as presenting countless corporation events.

And on top of all this Mark's charm is always 'very, very British?'

'As fast and wild as an MTV video clip '
Berliner Zeitung

'The perfect Entertainer'
Hamburger Abendblatt

'In a breath-taking tempo he switches from childhood to sex to death?masterful'
Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich

'Brain jogging between genius and madness'
Nordsee-Zeitung, Bremerhaven.